Who I Am

Ruth Breen

I have lived in the Fredericton area for nearly 30 years and in the city for five years. I first came to finish my Arts degree at UNB. I completed this degree while single parenting two daughters, then continued my academics at UNB with an Education degree. I was a substitute teacher in Fredericton for several years then went to work for Canada Post. When delivering mail, I was always happy with the way a letter carrier becomes part of the community they deliver. I have walked most of the city’s sidewalks and recognize the need for safe sidewalks year-round. As a postal worker, I became involved with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. I was able to bring my education background to the role of union education facilitator. I have facilitated adult education within the labour and social justice communities for 17 years.

This work has led me to focus on the importance of communication skills, specifically, the importance of listening to all voices affected by the decisions made by few. I served on CUPW’s National Women’s Committee and gained a firm understanding not only of the struggles women in organized workplaces experience, but those of women in Canada and around the World. It is important to understand the intersection of gender discrimination and other forms of discrimination. As many see the need for gender balance on Council, I also recognize my privilege as a white middle class woman and will reach out to hear and represent the voices of all people in Fredericton. In addition to the National Women’s Committee I have served on many policy-decision making committees within the labour movement. Here I developed the skills to have honest respectful debate and build relationships with those who I disagree as well as those I agree with.

I had the opportunity to serve on the Employment Insurance Board of Referees for two terms. This process ensured EI claimants the opportunity to be heard. I worked with board members from different backgrounds to ensure, within federal regulations, we listened and acted in the best interests of people who were often in desperate need of help.

Through volunteering with Wilmot United Church I see the incredible work members of the Fredericton Community do every day to take care of our city’s most vulnerable. Through my role on Council I will support these individuals and groups achieve significant gains for the people they act on behalf of.

My daughters are now adults with successful careers of their own. I have the time and energy to listen, discuss and act in the best interest of all Frederictonians. I love our city and am proud to live here. This love is my motivation to run for Council. While there is still time before I begin to campaign in earnest, I hope this pre-campaign time can be spent hearing your concerns. What is it you love most about Fredericton? What can be improved? I cannot wait to hear from you; please email, message, or call.

I live on Montgomery Street with my partner George and our Bernadoodle Molly. Our daily walks in Odell park remind me how fortunate I am. Now I am ready to use my privilege of time and experience for the good of our city.

I have the communication skills needed to listen to all voices and collaborate in a meaningful way to move our City forward.

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