What I Will Do

My Commitment to Frederictonians

I will listen to your concerns and opinions to guide my actions throughout my role as councillor. I want to explore new ways to hear your concerns that promote your continued engagement. I will collaborate with all city councillors and staff when promoting your vision of our city.

I will support programs which aim to ensure all people living in, or visiting our city are safe, and they experience an environment of equality and respect. I will support ongoing and future programs to expand housing options for Frederictonians.

To our small business owners I see the pandemic’s impact on your livelihood, that of your workers and the city’s overall economy. The City has an important role in your recovery. I will listen and learn the specific nature of Covid’s impact on your business. As a new councillor I will give fresh eyes and be open to bold new ideas to support local business. Collaboration and creativity will help us seek out solutions together.

At council meetings during discussions and decisions, I will always consider the impact these may have on the climate emergency.

I will ensure all decisions are considered with an equity lens. I will seek out diverse voices who are not at the table to educate me on their lived realities.

I understand the responsibility the City has to their employees. When we become an employer of choice we demonstrate the value of mutual respect, dignity and equality.

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