Press Release:Mar 22, 2021

Postal worker and social justice advocate Ruth Breen seeks to be the next Fredericton Ward 9 councillor

Fredericton – Today, Ruth Breen is submitting nomination papers to be a candidate in the next Fredericton City Council election. Breen hopes to represent Ward 9 (the Bishop Drive/Odell Park area).

Breen is running for city council because she wants to address homelessness and housing affordability, climate change, and make Fredericton City Council more open,transparent, fair and equitable in its decision-making.

“I love living in Fredericton. It’s a great place to live for many of us but not for everyone, and that’s why I’m running. I think Fredericton can do a better job of housing everyone, getting people to where they need to go, managing our waste, andgiving them the green space they need,” says Breen.

“My vision of Fredericton is one in which our community values of fairness and respect guide Council decision-making. In my vision of Fredericton, we thrive as we take care of each other. My role is to use my communication and collaboration skills with compassion, integrity, and empathy,” says Breen.

Breen is a long-time resident of the Fredericton area, mother of two adult daughters and a grandmother. She holds an Education degree from the University of New Brunswick, is a volunteer with Wilmot United Church, and an organizer of the annual Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts. As a postal worker, Breen became involved with her union, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, and has facilitated adult education within her union and larger labour and social justice communities locally and nationally for almost two decades.

Breen has the support of many social justice advocates in the city.

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